Our sales activity is base by different channels: direct channel, resellers, shop online.

We sell our own products and we sell products by the biggest actors in the IIOT, M2M, industrial and building automation market, LoraWAN, SIGFOX.

Some of these brands: Inhand Networks, MOXA, Fieldserver, Hilscher, Teltonika, Metz Connect, CoolAutomation, Softing, ICP DAS, RESI,...



Technical support is a key point for us. Our staff has prepared for you a number of tools to help you in the use and configuration of our products and services. 

Marcom S.r.l. provides a fast resolution of the problem in most cases. Only in some more severe cases technical support will need to contact hardware manufacturer or software developer to receive information about.




Our development is based on long term competence in IIOT, M2M and Automation. We offer expertise and solutions for monitoring and remote control based on M2M equipment. We have special skill on network configuration, VPN Tunnel, Wifi in Industrial applications.

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