Create your own hardware with WisBlock Core, WisBlock Base, and other WisBlock modules.

How to start a project::

  1. Choose the corresponding WisBlock core and Wisblock base.
  2. Add a specific sensor or add others. 

Do it yourself

  • Fast Iteration without waste
  • No need to weld or glue
  • As simple as aligning pins and tightening screws


  • Frequent new releases
  • Module compatibility
  • Standard module size

RUI3 Framework & Open Source:Create, compile and distribute your own firmware. Compatible with Arduino libraries. Supports major IoT protocols

RAKwireless also embraces open-source, so that you are not locked into any proprietary system.

If you prefer open-source, you can choose to use Arduino BSP for WisBlock.

Our GitHub repositories provide or extend programmatic solutions for many WisBlock modules.




Growing product catalog
Take a look at some of WisBlock's specific modules.

A wide range of sensors are available on the platform. They allow real-world data to be collected at scale in an economical way.

Some sensors detect and measure vibration, soil moisture, heart rate, UV, IR, radar, gas, sound, temperature, and location.

The core modules feature Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi and LoRaWAN® connectivity.

Over ten different interfaces allow the modules to integrate with other systems, providing adapters for IO input, rotary input, code scanning, and other interfaces.


WISBLOCK are available in the store at the following WISBLOCK SHOP

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