InRouter900 Now Supports Python Programming

Inhand Networks a global leader of industrial IoT products and solutions, announced that the industrial LTE router InRouter900 now supports Python programming for customers to realize their IoT applications easily. Based on InRouter900, the InHand OpenDevice Platform enables rapid prototyping and development for full-featured Python applications.

InHand OpenDevice platform offers:

System Management

  • Start or terminate user applications
  • Review status and logs in a web interface
  • Conduct remote debugging and upgrades with InHand Device Touch

Device Monitoring Interface

  • Configure the InRouter’s serial port, I/O, etc.
  • Monitor interfaces status and set alarms.
  • Check the InRouter’s status including current application version

Secure Access to InHand Device Networks Cloud

  • Upload data and conduct advanced analysis
  • Monitor Python applications in the InRouters across multiple sites

Local Data Caching

  • Provide local data service on SQLite3
  • Utilize InRouter’s NAND Flash or a TF MicroSD card


With Python programming, InHand OpenDevice Platform makes it easy for customers to make customized functions and realize their IoT ideas faster.




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